PackSmart has been using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) since 2009.  EOS is a system for managing human energy in an organization.  All companies have an operating system; however, it may...
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December 02, 2020 02:25 PM - Comment(s)

Ahoy land lubbers! This weekend PackSmart is going to be settin’ sail in Glen Ellyn’s Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta for the second year in a row. It will be a day of fun for the whole family, including games, the best food trucks in the Chicagoland area and, of course, some intense cardboard boat ra...

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July 22, 2020 02:47 PM - Comment(s)

Today we celebrated Bring Your Dog to Work Day here at PackSmart! We had a lot of fun having our bundles of love/fur in the office and getting to know everyone's dog(s)! They even showed some love for PackSmart's CORE Values. Check out the pictures below to experience this fun day at PackSmart!

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July 22, 2020 02:46 PM - Comment(s)
Buying a stretch wrapper represents a big investment for most companies. Here are some things to consider in order to make a great decision when purchasing one.

In my 28+ years selling packaging equipment, I have learned that buying a high-quality stretch wrapper is the best choice. Buy one fr...
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July 22, 2020 02:44 PM - Comment(s)

You’ve just received yet another price increase notification from your packaging vendor…you’ve been a loyal customer, so why are they trying to take advantage of your business? The truth of the matter is that the packaging industry is a volatile market, especially when it comes to resin-re...

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July 22, 2020 02:42 PM - Comment(s)

Environmentalism, sustainability, and the sense of corporate citizenship that accompanies them are becoming a more and more substantial point of interest and action for industrial companies. Many companies have put initiatives in place to achieve their sustainability goals, but still struggle to ide...

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July 22, 2020 02:41 PM - Comment(s)

Did you know that 20% of consumers’ returns are due to damage product? ( If you don’t take the time to find the best void fill/cushioning product for your application you risk losing money on the damaged product, shipping expe...

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July 22, 2020 02:40 PM - Comment(s)

It's that time of year again!

This holiday season, the PackSmart Team participated in Toys for Tots, a charity organization that collects new, unwrapped toys, and distributes them to less fortunate children at Christmas time. This year, the PackSmart team donated over 40 toys and books to the Toys fo...

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July 22, 2020 02:39 PM - Comment(s)
The most important factor for meeting all of a customer’s needs is understanding them; knowing what they do and how that leads their needs. At PackSmart, we take pride in knowing our customers’ business and what they need to be successful.

Enter: The PackSmart Packaging Assessment Program. The PackSm...
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July 22, 2020 02:37 PM - Comment(s)
As one organizes their day, week or month, it is very important to create a list of goals you want to accomplish.  When something goes wrong in the packaging or shipping of your product, oftentimes that list of goals gets rearranged and priorities change. Having an experienced packaging partner...
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July 22, 2020 02:35 PM - Comment(s)