July 22, 2020 02:37 PM
The most important factor for meeting all of a customer’s needs is understanding them; knowing what they do and how that leads their needs. At PackSmart, we take pride in knowing our customers’ business and what they need to be successful.

Enter: The PackSmart Packaging Assessment Program. The PackSmart Packaging Assessment Program was developed to serve as a formal method to help us get to know our customers on a deeper level and help them plan for the future.

So… what is it?

A PackSmart Packaging Assessment is an on-site visit conducted by PackSmart personnel, with or without a representative of our customer (contingent on availability- we’d always prefer to have our customer involved!), that allows us to get a comprehensive understanding of a company’s operations, pain points, areas for improvement and plans for the future. We then take what we’ve learned and put together a report outlining potential ways to improve operations, reach goals and save money.

How does it work?

We come to a customer’s facility and spend anywhere from two to four hours walking through it, analyzing processes and asking questions. Upon seeing a process or procedure that we believe could be improved, we will pause at that point and spend some time observing it. Every company is unique and has unique ways of doing things, including many manual processes. Being able to observe those unique processes allows us to identify alternative or improved methods that companies may have been unaware of previously. After the on-site visit, we take the information that we’ve gathered and collaborate as a team to determine right-fit solutions to the issues identified by the customer and the areas of opportunity observed by PackSmart. These solutions are then compiled into a report that is presented to the customer.

Why would someone want to have a packaging assessment conducted at their facility?

A PackSmart Packaging Assessment offers a wide array of great opportunities. For instance, suppose a company has decided it wants to implement more automation throughout their operations to increase production. PackSmart comes in to do a packaging assessment to help determine what packaging related functions can be automated, but through conversations on-site we happen to learn that the company is looking to become more environmentally friendly. When the final assessment is presented to the customer, PackSmart will have developed two types of potential solutions: a standard variety and a more environmentally-conscious variety. This allows the customer to advance other initiatives in ways they might not have been privy to previously. Further, we like to conduct a packaging assessment once per year (for customers interested in having them done) in order to help facilitate continual progress towards their goals. Annual assessments allow us to strategically plan alongside our customers and ensure that both their current and future needs are addressed. Among the benefits that can be realized through a PackSmart Packaging Assessment are:

Improved labor utilization Waste reduction Sustainability goals Reduce rate of damaged goods in shipment Improved packaging workflow Minimized downtime Ergonomic enhancements

Our commitment to our customers’ success is at the core of our approach to doing business. Without our customers, PackSmart wouldn’t exist! Our PackSmart Packaging Assessment Program is a reflection of this dedication to our customers and helps to foster the long-term, trusted partnerships we’ve enjoyed with many of them for nearly 40 years.

To learn more about our PackSmart Packaging Assessment Program, or request one at your facility, please call 630-262-6600 or send an email to

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