July 22, 2020 02:44 PM
From the perspective of a longtime industry expert

Buying a stretch wrapper represents a big investment for most companies. Here are some things to consider in order to make a great decision when purchasing one.

In my 28+ years selling packaging equipment, I have learned that buying a high-quality stretch wrapper is the best choice. Buy one from a well-established brand that has a history of producing well-built, reliable machines and has multiple models to offer.

Established Distributor
Buy it through a reputable distributor who has the knowledge and expertise to identify the best wrapper for your needs. Make sure they employ their own technicians, who can install, train and maintain your new wrapper, otherwise you’ll need to contract “outside” help if you have any issues. Always ask the selling distributor for a reference or two and contact those customers for their opinions of both the machine and the distributor.

Get the Facts
Because this will be a big investment, do a bit of research. Learn about the features and various types of wrappers available before deciding. I personally will not sell a “cheap” machine because in the long run, it will cost the customer more and hurt my reputation.

A quality stretch wrapper that runs with high-yield, will continue to save money per load, for years to come. Learn about powered pre-stretch as it is the key to film savings.

Optimum Load Integrity & Low Cost - Long Term

Wrapping with a machine provides more consistent loads than hand-wrapping. Losses from damaged loads in shipment will be reduced/eliminated. Machine wrapping is faster than hand-wrapping and stretch film savings can be over 50%. Ask your distributor to provide you a cost-to-wrap analysis which illustrates the R.O.I (payback). If they cannot offer this, I suggest selecting another source for your investment.

A quality machine requires very little maintenance and with a reputable distributor, you can get reduced service and travel rates, if you purchase film from them.

Be Safe

Modern stretch wrappers have many safety features which make them much safer than those of 10-15 years ago. Better engineering by the top companies has resulted in features like covered film carriages, enclosed wiring and motors and easy to understand controls.

Plus, since hand wrapping puts such a strain on the selectors back, stretch wrapping by machine dramatically reduces the chance for workplace injury.

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