What To Look For When Purchasing an Industrial Shredder

May 03, 2023 10:31 AM
What To Look For When Purchasing an Industrial Shredder

Whether you’re looking to recycle some of your facility’s older materials or need to eliminate outdated paperwork, the right industrial shredder can make the process easy. Depending on the type you buy, these machines work quickly to cut materials into ribbons for streamlined disposal or reuse. However, because there are several options, knowing which one to buy can be a bit difficult. These are some things to look for when purchasing an industrial shredder.

Input Material Compatibility

One of the first considerations to keep in mind when buying a new industrial shredder is its compatibility with the material you want to shred. Not all models can handle the rigidity of metal or the softness of paper. For this reason, you’ll need to cater your search based on your specific needs for the product. Take some time to assess your operation’s requirements for the new machine and talk with your equipment supplier about some options that could fit those requirements.

An Accommodating Shredding Capacity

It’s also important that you pay attention to each industrial shredder’s shredding capacity. Some shredders are much smaller than others, making them limited in usability among larger operations. In these cases, you’ll need something bigger to accommodate the volume of materials you want to shred. Conversely, you’ll want something smaller for general-purpose office use. Once again, understanding your needs for the equipment will go a long way in helping you make a decision.

The Right Cut Type

Another thing to look for when purchasing an industrial shredder is the specific cut type you need. Strip-cut and cross-cut are the two primary ways that shredders can chop up materials, and one might prove more beneficial to you than the other. Strip-cut machines shred in long, narrow strips and have the highest output speed. However, this doesn’t completely destroy the material, making the contents a potential security risk. Cross-cut models make better options for disposing of sensitive paperwork because they cut documents into smaller cubes that are harder to discern. These can be more expensive, though.

Effective Safety Features

Above all, make sure that the industrial shredder you purchase has a series of effective safety features. Shredders can be dangerous for your staff should they fail to use them properly. This is where some additional safeguards can come in handy. Safety interlocks prevent unauthorized use of the equipment, while safety sensors can detect foreign objects and stop the shredding process immediately.

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