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Packaging Tips from the Field: Strapping Boxes vs. Taping by Hand

Posted by Jim Potter on Aug 2, 2018 5:36:35 PM

Do you find it time consuming and challenging to tape boxes of various sizes and shapes by hand?  Is damage in transit an issue? 

Taping larger, heavier boxes by hand and using enough tape to secure the flaps can be demanding. There are various taping methods such as the “H” design, but this leads to using a lot of tape, not to mention the extra time it takes to properly apply it.

The use of a strapping machine to secure all the flaps can be very advantageous, but is an option that is often overlooked. Here are a few benefits to using a strapping machine to secure the flaps of your boxes:

  1. It provides more consistency when securing larger, oddly shaped boxes.
  2. Strapping machines make the process of securing the flaps substantially faster, and a uniform operating procedure (when compared to hand taping) leads to gains in operational efficiency.
  3. Strapping machines allow for a more ergonomically advantageous working environment, reducing strain on operators.


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Topics: Cost reduction, machinery, strapping, ergonomics

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