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Packaging Price Increases: Why they happen and how to combat them

Posted by MaryKate Munguia on Feb 4, 2019 12:14:35 PM

You’ve just received yet another price increase notification from your packaging vendor…you’ve been a loyal customer, so why are they trying to take advantage of your business? The truth of the matter is that the packaging industry is a volatile market, especially when it comes to resin-related items (i.e. stretch film, poly bags, etc.).  A best practice for packaging distributors is to wait until they’ve received a pricing notification from more than one manufacturer before notifying their customers.  They want to be sure it is an industry-supported increase before unnecessarily worrying their customers and if it is not related to a market change, they will push back on manufacturers to rescind it.  More often than not, you will see a ripple effect on packaging products when there is a market increase.  For example, when there is a resin increase, you will find that your stretch film is hit first, but that your tape is affected by that same increase a few months later.  The same thing occurs when there is an industry increase on paper because it directly affects boxes, cornerboard, mailing tubes, etc.  Because packaging items are so inter-related, it may feel like there is a constant wave of increases, but it is usually the same increase affecting products at different times.

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Partner in Packaging: Things to look for in a packaging company

Posted by MaryKate Munguia on Aug 1, 2018 4:49:50 PM

 There are hundreds of packaging companies out there, so you may be wondering which one will be the right fit for your operational needs.  The first question to consider when choosing a packaging provider is how important is it for you to get your product to the customer on-time and without damage?  It’s essential. Customer satisfaction is crucial for any business, and in order to get your product safely on its way, you need to ensure everything is running as smoothly as possible and working correctly. You need to be able to trust that your packaging partner has set you up well.

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